Mercedes of Service

Mercedes of Service. short version.
Mercedes Benz Germany.
Audio by Mute (Gonzalo Guerrero)
Video by Cristian Wiesenfeld.

Soundworks Intro

Soundworks Audio services Barcelona.

Music & SFX by Mute
Video by Fabio Castro

Lab 100 Mount Sinai Intro

Lab100 at Mount Sinai is a hybrid clinic and research lab leveraging data and technology to redesign the way health is measured and health care is delivered.

Video. Francisco Zamorano.
Music and Sound. Piloto Gonz

Join the movement - Fashion for Good

Fashion for Good
Music by Mute Audio
Video by Studio Mudia

Fashion for Good Experience, a project by Vissch+Stam and Local Projects
Video and exhibition documentation by Local Projects

Todo por la Ciencia 13C

Música Original para el programa Todo por la Ciencia de 13C

Audio por Mute
Video: René Castillo

Tienda Mute

Tienda Mute
Librería de Música Online

TBS ID The Ancient Partynaut Theory

Audio by Mute Video by Loica

Mistral Ice Citrus

Audio & Music by Mute
Video by SMOG
TV Spot

Taïttinger - Nocturne

Taïttinger - Nocturne, France.
Music by Mute
Cliente: DAf


Music & Audio by Mute
Video by Loica

Taittinger - Brut

Taittinger - Brut, France.
Music by Mute
Cliente: DAf

Experiences 2015

Some works of 2015. Music, SFX y Audio.


Económicos - TVC
Video by Fluorfilms
Audio & Music by Mute

13C IDs 2013

Continuidad Canal 13C. TV. Chile.
Cliente: Loica.
Composición y ejecución musical.
Sonorización. Mezcla


Music & Audio by Mute
Video by Loica

Trailer VIX

VIX - Virtual Reality Ride.
Music & Sound Design Environmment for intro and dock experience by Mute.
Video and Project by Lucas Werthein and Marcelo Pontes

PAULA Fashion Film 2015

Music by Mute
Video by Real. F. Rodriguez

La Poseída Spot

Audio by Mute
Video by Loica

13C Telar

Canal 13C - Continuidad 2014
Video por Loica
Audio y Música por Mute

Le Tour de France - Mouton Cadet

Sponsor Video. USA.
Cliente: DAf
Composición y ejecución musical
Diseño ambiente sonoro
Dirección locución

Manchester United - Casillero del Diablo

Campaña mundial.
Comercial TV, Radio.
Cliente: DAf.
Composición y ejecución musical.
Diseño de ambiente sonoro.

Gulf News

Gulf News, Dubai.
Music by Mute
Cliente: Smog